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Ear Wax Removal – All About Ear Wax


Ear wax is a perfectly natural and on the whole nothing to worry about unless you have build up which may require ear wax removal. Ear wax is produced in the ear canal and normally travels from deeper inside the canal until it naturally migrates from deeper inside the ear to outside. Whilst ear wax is completely normal, for some people it can become a problem as they make more than the average amount of earwax. As we get older, ear wax tends to become harder and drier which means that the natural process of removal doesn’t work as effectively. This is when ear wax can start to become a problem for people.

People’s first reaction is to reach for a cotton bud or the end of their Bic Biro or anything else that they have to hand! DON’T DO THIS!!!

Inserting things like the cotton bud or a pen into the ear can damage the ear canal or eardrumand also pushes the earwax farther into the canal which then makes it harder to remove. You may have experience a feeling of pressure in the ear and reduced hearing if you have ever done this. There is also the risk that pushing plugs of earwax down near the eardrum can lead to painful ear infections.

There is a misconception that ear wax is caused by poor hygiene – this is absolutely not the case. And with regard to excessive ear wax, some people just create more than average and need help having it removed.Some people make more earwax, while others make less. So while ear wax isn’t a dinner party conversation there is no reflection of uncleanliness and should be considered a sign of normal, healthy ears.

The medical term for ear wax is “cerumen” and it is actually a good thing and important for the healthy management of ears. Here are some of the things that ear wax is good for:

  • It is a natural moisturiser and works to prevent the skin inside the ear from becoming too dry which can result in conditions such as eczema
  • It traps dirt and dust so that it stops it travelling deep into the ear canal
  • It absorbs dead skin cells and debris that are naturally created by the ear
  • It prevents infections and bacteria from travelling down the ear canal and reaching the inner ear

The buildup of excessive earwax can cause problems such as loss of hearing and can also result in ear infections. The build up of excessive ear wax is known as “cerumenosis”. If this happens, you can buy over the counter olive oil drops or actually just use normal cooking olive to soften and release blocked ear wax.If this doesn’t work, the preferred approach for removing blocked ear wax is microsuction which is provided by Clear Ears Clinic.

Ear wax isnaturally produced by the ear and doesn’t normally cause any issues unless there is build up of excessive ear wax which may then require ear wax removal. DON’T stick things in your ears – this is likely to make the problem worse and cause additional problems, including making the ear wax removal more difficult. At this point, get in touch with Clear Ears Clinic on 01234 417318 to book an appointment to have your ears cleared.Ear 

Nurse | Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Bedford

Yvonne is a registered nurse with nearly 20 years’ experience and a microsuction ear wax removal specialist.

Yvonne is registered with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and a member of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

She completed the gold standard microsuction ear wax removal training course at Charing Cross Hospital which is accredited by the British Society of Audiology and ENT UK