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Ear Wax Removal Children

Ear wax removal for children can help educational development. Studies have shown that excessive ear wax causing blocked ears in children can be detrimental to language development and have an overall impact on educational achievement. This stands to reason – if a child is struggling to hear in the classroom it will be difficult for them to follow the lessons and keep up with their peers.

A research project looked at over 1300 school age children and discovered that over 300 children were suffering from excessive ear wax. Over 65% of the children with excessive ear wax were discovered to have impacted ear wax that was blocking their ears and impacting their hearing. This obviously has a significant impact on their ability to fully understand lessons and perform to the best of their ability.

At Clear Ears Clinic we have treated many children as young as four who are suffering from excessive ear wax. Many of the patients we see have been referred by their GP or he ENT department. Ear wax removal is the first step before further investigation to understand if there are any additional underlying conditions that may be impacting a child’s hearing.

We recently had one young patient who we treated so they could continue further tests with the ENT department. The ENT consultant commented that it was the first time they had been able to see the child’s eardrum which is essential to carry out further hearing assessments.

It is very tempting for parents to try and remove ear wax with cotton buds. Please DON’T do this! Using cotton buds pushes the ear wax further into the ear and against the eardrum and also further compacts the ear wax making it more difficult to remove.

If you have concerns that your child may be struggling to hear because of excessive ear wax, please call Clear Ears Clinic on 01234 417318. We will explain the microsuction ear wax removal procedure and confirm whether it is right for your child.

Nurse | Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Bedford

Yvonne is a registered nurse with nearly 20 years’ experience and a microsuction ear wax removal specialist.

Yvonne is registered with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and a member of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

She completed the gold standard microsuction ear wax removal training course at Charing Cross Hospital which is accredited by the British Society of Audiology and ENT UK