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Ear Wax Removal Using Microsuction

Ear syringing used to be the standard technique for ear wax removal. However, this is no longer the preferred approach for clearing ear wax and has been replaced by microsuction as the recommended method.

The theory behind ear syringing is that water is pumped into the ear so that it gets behind the ear wax and this causes the ear wax to be flushed out of the ear. Ear syringing is considered an invasive treatment as water is being pumped into the ear. It is normally carried out with the person sat still and their head slightly tilted as this helps the water travel down the ear canal and get behind the ear wax as it is being pumped in. The water flows back out of the ear and is collected in a basin underneath the ear. This also catches any ear wax that is flushed out of the ear as well.

Here are some of the benefits of microsuction ear wax removal over the traditional approach of ear syringing:

  • The person carrying out microsuction has a clear view of the ear.  The clinician uses a binocular microscope that enables them to clearly see the ear canal and any wax that may be present. This means that the ear wax removal can be accurately targeted making it easier to get rid of all traces of ear wax. From a safety perspective, it’s always better for the clinician to have full view of the area being treated.
  • Because microsuction hoovers the ear wax out rather than pumping water in against the ear wax, this minimises the risk of the ear wax being further impacted and traveling further down the ear canal
  • Microsuction reduces the risk of infection as there is no need for any water to be pumped into the ear. This also means that the treatment is less messy and makes for a more pleasant and comfortable experience for the patient
  • For patients who have a perforated eardrum, microsuction ear wax removal is the safest treatment optionas the clinician is able to ensure that there is no risk of anything being pushed into the eardrum
  • The clinician is able to examine the inner ear for any infections or perforations. Thanks to the high poweredbinocular microscope, they will be able to carry out a more thorough ear examination to treat your ear appropriately. This provides the added benefit over ear syringing where the inner ear isn’t examined for potentialissues
  • Ear syringing can be known to cause discomfort and be an unpleasant experience for patients. Microsuction treatment is comfortable and pain-free for most patients.
  • Microsuction requires much less preparation time than ear syringing. Prior to an ear syringing appointment, the patient will need to use ear drops to soften the wax for at least a week beforehand. With a microsuction wax removal appointment, it is recommended to use olive oil drops for just the 48 hours in advance of the appointment so that the suction device is able toeasily and safely remove the ear wax.

If you think you are suffering from excessive ear wax and and need microsuction ear wax removal, get in touch with Clear Ears Clinic on 01234 417318 to book an appointment to have your ears cleared.

Nurse | Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Bedford

Yvonne is a registered nurse with nearly 20 years’ experience and a microsuction ear wax removal specialist.

Yvonne is registered with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and a member of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

She completed the gold standard microsuction ear wax removal training course at Charing Cross Hospital which is accredited by the British Society of Audiology and ENT UK